Christian Learning for  Children

City Kids is a private Christian school with classes for Nursery aged children thru Kindergarten. City Kids provides a quality educational experience in an atmosphere of Christian love.

Our curriculum includes early reading skills, arts, music, math, science, technology, and character development all integrated into the values taught in the scriptures.

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Great school! The teachers and administration are friendly and helpful. My daughter has attended since she was 2 1/2 yrs old and they even helped with potty training. She is now 4 and knows her whole alphabet and can even spell a few words. Highly recommended!!!!

Submitted by a parent

I looked thoroughly at many, many preschools in South Philly & Center City (with no regard to price). This is the most loving group of teachers you'll ever find.
The director is always conscious of how hard it is to leave our little ones, and she tries to say 'yes' to as many 'mommy' requests as she can--very comforting to me. So often, schools try to force kids into their routines instead of supporting our homes--City Kids doesn't do that. The school used to be a elementary school, so the classrooms are nice and big, with lots of space to play and crawl. (yes, it is old, too.) It has good tuition rates too.

Submitted by a parent

My daughter is so comfortable there. I like the school because it has been around for many years and the school administrator has been there since the start. The teachers are friendly and they understand what the child needs. If you are looking for nursery thru kindergarden and haven't found anything you really should check out City Kids. They have a very warm welcoming feeling.

Submitted by a parent

My daughter has been attending this school for this school year and she loves it. She has learned so much in their 3 year old classroom. The staff is wonderful and the kids are all great.